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Digital Marketing Essentials Curriculum

  • What is Digital Marketing? - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • How can Digital Marketing help a company grow?
  • Current trends in Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing
  • Value Gains between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing
  • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing - How are they related?
  • Digital Marketing for MNCs and Startups
  • Types of Digital Marketing Tactics available for businesses
  • Understanding website element
    • Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, CMS (WordPress. Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.)
  • Domain and Web Hosting
    • Introduction to (Web Hosting /Web Host / Web Server) Types Of Web Hosting & Difference Between Each Type (Shared Sever Hosting /VPS /Cloud Hosting etc.)
    • Introduction to Domain Names
    • Free Domains and Free Web Hosting
    • Paid Web Hosting & Paid
    • Domains
  • Getting to Know WordPress
    • What is WordPress
    • Difference between
    • Wordpress.com and
    • Wordpress.org
  • Getting started with WordPress
    • Installing and running
    • WordPress
    • WordPress Dashboard
  • What is Theme / Switching Themes
  • Difference between Page v/s Post
  • Creating Post / Blog
    • The Editor
    • Publish Panel
    • Post Format
    • Categories & Tags
    • Featured Image
    • Creating Post
    • Managing & Editing Post
  • Introduction to Pages
    • Creating Pages
    • Managing Pages
  • Adding Images & Media
  • Media Library
  • Working with Links
  • Working with Plugins
  • Working with Widgets
  • Customizing Menu
  • Managing Comments
  • Managing User
  • Permalinks
    • Website Analysis
    • SEO Competition Analysis
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Finalize
    • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
    • Analysis
    • Initial Ranking analysis
    • HTML code optimization
    • White Hat SEO and Black Hat
    • Meta Title tags - creation & optimization
    • Title Attributes for Navigation
    • HTML Sitemap creation
    • Analytics Setup & Monitoring
    • Robots.txt Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • URL Re-Writing
    • H1 Tag
    • Canonical Tag
    • XML Sitemap for Google & Yahoo
    • Robots.txt
    • Redirects
    • Spider Friendly Navigation
    • Image Optimization
    • Landing Page & Keyword Optimization
    • Anchor Title & Anchor Text
    • Spider Friendly Navigation
    • RSS Feed Generation
    • Algorithms
    • Setting a GOAL
    • Mobile SEO
    • Directory Submission
    • Book marking
    • SEO Content writing
    • Quality link building
    • Article submission
    • Press Release Creation
    • Blog commenting
    • Forum posting
    • Training on SEO Tools
    • Webmasters tools
    • Google Analytics
    • Keyword Planner
  • Getting to Know AdWords
    • Online Marketing
    • Introduction
    • Elements of Online Marketing
  • Search Marketing
    • Concept of Search Engine
    • Organic
    • Paid Google
  • Adwords
    • How Google Adwords Works?
    • How Rank Calculated?
    • Account Set Up
    • AdWords Account, Ad Groups,
    • Ads and Keywords
  • Getting Started
    • Understanding pay-per-click
    • Advertising
    • Valuing the benefits of AdWords
    • Understanding AdWords ad types
    • Understanding where ads show up
    • Creating your account
    • Exploring the AdWords account structure
    • Organizing campaigns and ad groups
    • Learning the interface
  • Researching Keywords
    • Valuing keyword research
    • Understanding keyword match types
    • Using negative keywords
    • Evaluating a keyword
    • Using the Keyword Planner tool
  • Creating Your First Search Campaign
    • Creating a new campaign
    • Targeting locations and languages
    • Setting your bidding strategy and budget
    • Setting your delivery and advanced settings
    • Using ad extensions
  • Creating Your First Ad Group
    • Writing effective text ads
    • Creating a new ad group
    • Working with additional ad groups
    • Using bid adjustments
  • Understanding Quality Score
    • Understanding the AdWords auction
    • Understanding Quality Score
    • Identifying Quality Score issues
  • Tracking Ad Performance
    • Defining conversions
    • Using AdWords Conversion
    • Tracking
    • Installing Conversion Tracking code
    • Linking Google Analytics to AdWords
  • Optimizing for Performance
    • Measuring return on investment (ROI)
    • Enabling and finding conversion metrics
    • Using the Conversion Optimizer
    • Testing your ads with split tests
    • Understanding the balance between performance and volume
  • Using Display Ads in Remarketing
    • Campaigns
    • Understanding remarketing in AdWords
    • Creating a remarketing list
    • Using display formats
    • Creating a remarketing campaign
  • Leveraging Video Advertising Understanding video ads Using YouTube TrueView formats Creating a video campaign Reading video campaign reports
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • My Client Centre
  • Practical:
    • Keyword Planner
    • Video Ad
    • Shopping Ad
    • PPC Ad Campaign
    • Remarketing Campaign
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) Syllabus
  • Basics of Social Media Marketing
  • Importance of Social Media
  • Top Social Media Marketing Platforms
  • Account Set-Up & Usage tips (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, You Tube)
  • Posts, Paid Promotions, Banner Ads, Contests
  • FB Promotions & FB Paid Ads
  • Blogging & Blog Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Tools for ORM
  • Measuring ROI
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Using the Google Analytics Interface
    • Learn the 5 Report Suites
    • Understand Standard Reports
    • Emailing, Exporting & Adding to
    • Dashboard
    • Creating Segments
  • Google Analytics Reports Explained
  • Report Suite
    • Real Time Reports
    • Audience Reports
    • Acquisition Reports
    • Behavior Reports
  • Google Analytics Conversion Reports Explained
    • Set Up Google Analytics
    • Goals Understanding
    • Attribution Understanding
    • Campaigns
    • Understand Goal Reports
  • Using Google Analytics To Take Action
    • Identify Your Best Content
    • How Can We Get More SEO Traffic?
    • Which Landing Page is Converting Best?
    • Are Mobile Visitors Having a Good Experience?
    • Are We Relying Too Heavily On One Traffic Source?
    • What % of Visitors are Browsing Products/Support Documentation
  • Importance of Email Marketing and Benefits with it
  • Different types of mailers
  • Email Marketing Facts & Metrics
  • How to create an email marketing strategy
  • Designing Effective & Engaging Content for Mailers
  • Parameters to consider while designing an effective mailer
  • Designing content for email campaigns (Title, Subject Line, Body, Elevator Pitch, Call to Action, Links)
  • How to use email marketing software/tool
  • How to set a campaign using an email marketing tool
  • A/B Testing
  • Do and Don'ts for email marketing
  • Understanding and Generating Email Campaign Reports
  • Post Campaign Plan to Generate ROI
  • Basics of Mobile Marketing
  • Promotional Text Messages Writing Techniques
  • Call to Action for Text Messages
  • Launching Text Messages with Software
  • What is ecommerce?
  • Top ecommerce websites around the world & it's scenario
  • Difference between E-Commerce software and Shopping cart software
  • Payment Gateways, Merchant Account & Logistics for physical goods.
  • Integrating Woocommerce and setting up an ecommerce store on WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing by promoting products which looks like an ecommerce store.
  • Case studies on ecommerce websites.
  • How to do Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) for ecommerce websites.
  • How to do SEO for an ecommerce website
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • What comprises Affiliate Marketing?
  • How does Affiliate Marketing work?
  • Types of Affiliate Marketing
  • Tools of Affiliate Marketing
  • Becoming a Merchant
  • Becoming a Publisher
  • Costing techniques
  • Product Allocation
  • Setting up your Google Adsense account
  • Project | Strategy | Execution

Digital Marketing Specialization

Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Specialist is the latest game changer that nearly every single digital marketing strategy, now, revolves around it.

Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing aims to let the internet user know more about your brand name, online services and products.

Social Media Optimization Specialist (SMO)

Social Media optimization Specialist giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., provide a valuable opportunity to let others hear your voice

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Course Highlights

  • 50 hours course to get in detail knowledge of all aspects of Digital Marketing

  • Work on real time
    live projects.

  • Assigmnets, Worksheets, Notes on every Digital Marketing topic.

  • Get Trained by SME's & Entrepreneurs with practical knowledge and execution.

Classroom Training Schedule

Weekdays Classes

Duration: 40 hours / 30 Days

Batch Timings - Monday to Friday

  • 07:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  • 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
  • 07:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Weekends Classes

Duration: 40 hours / 4 Weeks

Batch Timings - Saturday & Sunday


Who can approach AIM?

Anyone who is looking for rewarding and growth oriented high paying career or to strategize business to embrace online and for optimal ROI.

Is there any age limit for this course?

Age has never been a factor and will never be. Anyone who has an urge to progress or has a business plan in their mind can take this up. In fact, we know so many individuals in their mid-forties who are freelancers or start up entrepreneurs in digital marketing.

Do you offer Placement Assistance?

Yes, we do! Several brands and agencies approach and update us on their hiring needs and we deliver those offers to you.

Do you offer internships too?

We are associated with various start-ups and established companies looking for digital marketing interns. We can connect you with them as per your request. They are all stipend basis.

How qualified are your mentors?

Our trainers are Certified and come with 11+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and training in digital marketing. I am right out of undergraduate college.

Is it the right time to do this course?

This digital marketing course will add to your skills. You can work as an intern or freelancer at this stage and after completing your graduation you can get to a full-time job straight away. Moreover, as we said before, if you have a business idea, this is the right place and time for you to get on board.

I am right out of undergraduate college. Is it the right time to do this course?

Google Adwords Certified and come with 8+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and training in digital marketing.

Do I need to be tech savvy to start the course?

Only an understanding of computer and internet operation is a must. There is no prerequisite of any programing knowledge.

Why do I need a specialized course?

A general course can get you the entry into the digital marketing industry, but a specialization is what you need to last there and last there longer.

Why is a specialization course A MUST?

An ESSENTIAL course is important to understand the basics of digital marketing. A SPECIALIZED course helps you carve your career and lead it in the direction that you want. Organizations need people who can offer focused solutions for their requirements.


The SMO Specialized course from AIM helped me understand the kind of creatives that drive more engagement and reach more targeted audience, which in turn helped me enhance my graphic designing skills.

Sandeep C, Freelancer January 9, 2018

Our Trainees Hail From !!

Our Trainees Hail From